Become Iconic with Digital Advertising

“Know yourself and your enemy and you shall win one thousand battles.” – Sun Tzu

Think about the largest brand or brands in your field.  They have enormous marketing budgets, spending thousands, if not millions, each year in expanding their client base through advertising.  So far, it’s been working, as they are the household names in their area of expertise. If you work with computers, this could be a company like Microsoft.  If you’re an auto dealership, you might be thinking of AutoNation.  If you’re a finance expert, you might have Goldman Sachs or Wells Fargo on your mind. 

Now, think of the local version of that brand, the major player in town.  They want to be the next big thing, the next #1 brand in your line of work.  And you want to beat them before they get there.  How?  Today we’re going to show you a few ways to beat your competition and how digital advertising can help you on your path to victory.

Know Your Own Brand

Know thyself!  If you cannot explain your business’s core mission in a few simple, powerful sentences, then what are you actually doing?  Without knowing exactly how you’re different from your competitors and what you’re better at, you won’t be able to show your clients.  Know what categories you can out-perform them in and which you can improve. 

The best brands have an element of consistency that evolves with the times and keeps them easy to recognize.  That element might be a logo, a tagline, or a product feature that no one else has.  Consider Apple.  The Apple founders chose early on to use an icon of the popular fruit they are named after and have kept it to great effect since their company’s inception.  The bitten apple is simple, approachable, even humble.  Find your unifying feature and use it.  Digital advertising is a perfect strategy for achieving this: it’s sleek, it’s current, and it’s accessible to your client base. 

Know Your Competition

Study your competition closely.  Now that you know what you do better, what do they do better than you?  What do they have that you don’t have?  It could be anything from better website design to faster delivery service.  Now, how will you close that gap and pull ahead?  Remember, you can’t stop once you’ve hit your desired numbers, because they certainly won’t.  Amazon could have contented itself with selling books, but if it had, would we know it as the giant it is today?  Digital ads are a perfect way to work intel on the competition into your strategy by establishing yourself as the local authority with the best style, selection, and service in your industry. 

Know Your Clientele

Digital ads help you use real-time market research to collect data about your clients and their needs and habits.  Having the latest information on what your customers respond to will give you an advantage over your competitors.  YouTube’s algorithm offers intelligent suggestions on what to watch next to keep you engaged longer.  Digital advertising shows you what your clients search for, so you can use search engine optimization wisely for that local edge. 

To blow your competitors out of the water, you have to know what your clients want most.  What is that factor that keeps them coming back to you versus your rivals?  Is it your prices?  Your service?  The experience?  Product value?  Connection with the brand and with you?  Digital advertising is the way to discover the right combination of ad content and placement to target your desired demographics for maximum results.

Know Your Community

Get involved!  Sponsor local events, host open houses, run contests and giveaways.  These are all excellent for product placement and improving your image.  Being involved in your local community also promotes accessibility, adds a personal touch, and makes people feel connected to you.  Employees of some of the most recognizable brands, like Hasbro, also report giving back as one of the reasons they love working for their employer. 

Combining local involvement with digital advertising creates a feeling of familiarity and friendliness.  Before long, your brand will be the one that immediately comes to mind when your local market has a need. 

Know to Go Digital

Let Digital HD Advertising be the name that’s #1 in your mind for professional, effective digital advertising, and let us help you become iconic.  We know you’ve worked hard to be where you are today, and we want to be part of your triumph over the competition.  Contact us today and let’s start writing your ultimate success story.