How to Customize Your Digital Signage & Engage More Customers

Advertising has gone digital. To stay ahead of the competition, your business should too. Digital signage, for example, is a great way to not only grab customers’ attention but also boost their engagement. Plus, with the help of Digital HD Advertising in Rochester, NY, you can add additional features that make your signs even more memorable.  

3 Ways to Customize Your Digital Signage  

1. Add Engaging Videos

Digital signage displays a variety of content. From food and drink menus to new product information, these signs are designed to keep your customers both informed and engaged. For added impressions, try showing a short video about your business, an upcoming event, or customer testimonials. This content combines both sight and sound to create a personalized, attention-grabbing display.

Studies show that, on Facebook, video ads receive 10-30% more views than static ones. The same goes for videos on digital displays. This medium also lets you elaborate on details that wouldn’t fit in a static image, so you can convey more information to more people without cluttering your signage.

2. Link Your Social Media Accounts

You put time and effort into maintaining a social media presence, so why not show it off? By linking your social media account to your digital display, you not only draw attention to other marketing channels but also give your brand a unique voice. That’s because digital signage allows you to showcase engaging posts, highlight positive Facebook reviews, and encourage people to follow you on Twitter — all in one display.

3. Show Live TV

If you want your digital signage to stand out from the crowd, consider showing live TV. Different channels convey different information about your business and its values. TV also changes the customer experience. At bars and restaurants, for example, television encourages customers to watch the show and chat with other guests. This then increases stay-time which, in turn, boosts food and drink sales.

Digital signage is an invaluable advertising tool, especially when you make it your own. To learn more about these and other unique features, visit Digital HD Advertising online. To start building your display, call (585) 210-3449 today.