Introducing Vector Logos

Why Vector Logo Files? 

With the multitude of platforms and media available, your company’s logo is going to need to be changed to suit different ad styles.  To do that, we highly recommend using vector image files.  Before we get into the reasons why you should use a vector logo, let’s define vector images and compare them to the other types commonly used. 

The most common file type for images in advertising is the raster graphic, or bitmap.  These are the JPEGs and PNGs we are all familiar with.  They are composed of a finite number of pixels, and while re-sizing or adjusting them is easily done, it often results in grainy, blurred images.  Vector graphics exist on a 2D plane and are composed of mathematical formulas for each element that re-scale themselves.  In short, you can expand, contract, and edit a vector logo virtually any way you want and it will look crisp and saturated.   

How A Vector Logo Can Work for You: 

  • Vector files can be converted from raster files.  An expert advertiser will be able to help you plot the best way to convert your logo to vector format.     
  • Creating logos and graphics as original vector images saves time, money, and effort. 
  • Vector image files require less storage space than raster or bitmap files.   
  • Vector logos are highly editable.  Any element can be altered, giving you perfect control over your logo’s look and allowing multiple versions.   
  • Vector logos are infinitely scalable.  Your brand will look as fresh in a mobile ad as it will on a JumboTron.   
  • Vector logos are suitable for virtual or print media.  Vector files can go anywhere: your website, your brochures, your event banners, etc.   
  • Vector images are useful for any industry, and are currently popular in printing, engineering, and design work of all kinds.   

Advancing Your Style 

Just as you will only accept the best quality of product and service for your clients, get the best for your business as well by refining your brand’s look and promoting ease of use.  Using vector logos produce striking aesthetics with smooth lines, perfect color fill, and minute detail.  Imagine that you want to draw a picture.  For your media, you can choose between a handful of sand or a large can of paint.  The sand works well enough for small pieces, but as the surfaces get larger and larger, before long there are too few grains of sand to make a coherent image.  The paint’s coverage is smooth, deep, and bright throughout.  Contact us to make your logo a scalable, editable, current work of art.