Stop, Look, and Listen: Five Secrets of the Best Advertisements

Advertising is Anything You can Imagine

Close your eyes and think of your favorite advertisement.  It could be from TV, a magazine, a website, or anywhere ads are found.  What do you like about it?  What makes it stick out to you among the dozens of ads you see and hear every day? 

We can tell you one thing about that ad- the people who designed it are keeping secrets.  Those secrets are the key factors all effective ads share, no matter the media.  What are those secrets?  We’ve collected five of them here.

Good Advertising Catches Attention

This is the first step of an effective advertising process: getting the target’s attention. This can be done by using bright colors, lights, movement, sounds such as a catchy tune, or the image of a popular cartoon or celebrity.  Whatever the advertiser chose, the ad will have something immediate working to catch, then hold the audience’s attention. 

The best advertisers know the kinds of images that draw attention.  A cute animal, food, a human face, or something unexpected are all tried and true ways to catch your viewer’s eye. 

The best advertisements engage the viewer

Once the ad has grabbed the viewer’s attention, the next secret lies in keeping it.  This is done by engaging both the viewer’s intellect with appealing information and their subconscious desires by promising a positive outcome from the product sold. 

The best ads involve the viewer.  If advertising doesn’t relate to them, potential clients will skim past it. 

Quality Advertising is Memorable

A well-done ad is a work of art.  The human brain latches on to simple, bold messages put stylishly.  Engaging ads aren’t too complex and lead the eye instead of confusing it.  An ad can be memorable for the same reasons it gets attention.  For example, each of us can likely think of several jingles from ads that were run decades ago. 

The Best Ads Showcase the Brand

Even if an ad is well-done, engaging, and memorable, it will not be remembered for the right reason unless the brand is clearly stated.  The ad must connect it’s impact on the viewer to a recognizable entity.  That’s what makes it stick in the mind of the viewer.  You want your brand to be unique and not easily confused with someone else’s company.   

The Ideal Advertisement Speaks to a Need

Speaking to your audience’s wants and needs is a call to action that prompts the consumer to react in a positive way. Prime ads are able to identify and address needs that the customer may not know they have.  That is the end goal- to serve the public with products and services that will improve their lives, as well as promote the company brand and make sales. 

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