The Secret to an Engaging Digital Display

Digital displays engage customers in many ways. They attract attention, convey information and, ultimately, encourage further action. However, to do so, they have to have the right design. Here, the experts at Digital HD Advertising in Rochester, NY, discuss what it takes to create an engaging sign.

How to Create the Most Engaging Digital Display

1. Use High-Quality Images

Nothing says unprofessional like a blurry, low-resolution image. When creating a digital sign, make sure all your pictures are crystal-clear. That also goes for logos and videos. High-quality images not only give your business authority but also enhance your customers’ viewing experience.

2. Create an Effective Focal Point

When a visitor walks into your place of business, their attention is split between interactions with employees, other customers, smartphones, and more. They may only glance at your digital display for a second, so those few seconds need to count.

Determine the most important information and make it the focal point of your design. For instance, if you’re advertising a new daily special on your electronic menu board, put the discounted price in a larger font, as in Digital HD Advertising’s example on the right. If you’re promoting an upcoming event, showcase the date and time.

3. Use Complementary Colors & Fonts

Consistency and readability are both cornerstones of good design. Too many fonts can distract viewers and make information difficult to parse. Clashing colors as well as lack of color variation can have the same effect. When building your digital display, use no more than three fonts. Also, pick colors that complement each other yet still create enough contrast for customers to read the sign.

Need to design an engaging digital display? Digital HD Advertising is here to help. For seven years, these professionals have been helping customers from all industries harness the marketing potential of expertly designed digital signs. To get started, call them at (585) 210-3449 today. To view some of their past designs, visit them online.